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Around here, understanding you, your brand, and your vision is key. Every step of the process is designed with you in mind.


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Essential tools for targeted results. No fluff. Each service provided is aimed at boosting efficiency, increasing digital awareness, and enabling you to focus on your craft.

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Take advantage of today’s growing digital market.

38 %
of Total Internet Use are Mobile Users
+ 260 M
New Social Media Users
5 %
Increase in eCommerce Sales
0 B
Users on the Internet

Based on Digital 2019 Reports from Hootsuite and We Are Social.

unpretentious "Tiger Mom"

Why TM?

Whether you’re an established business or someone looking to make a personal space on the web, you deserve access to digital tools and services that can help promote growth and success. 

Human beings are unique in nature and so are your designers. I aim to be a local source for you; to bring unique experiences to the table.



I’ve been around in the Central Valley long enough to call it home and understand we are a unique community; an important factor to consider when executing projects here.



I treat your business as my own and have your long term success in mind. My portfolio is scaled accordingly to consistently provide personalized support.



I work holistically to ensure due diligence throughout the project duration. By minimizing revisions, your valuable time and energy can be allocated elsewhere!


Data Junkie Meets Creativity

Unlike many designers, I did not start my career in a creative field. I dabbled in web design back in high school, but my need for information and curiosity to understand how things work led me into data and analytics.

To provide accurate analysis and useful solutions, I wanted to understand the data I was working with. Being a hands on learner, I obtained various roles in Information Technology such as Systems Analyst, Network Associate, Data Engineer, and Business Intelligence Developer. Each role gave me different insights and skills. Most importantly, each role helped me understand how they connect. I take each aspect into consideration when implementing successful solutions and designs.

Rather than focusing purely on what makes a beautiful website, my approach is result driven as raw data does not lie. Business solutions and web designs share some key components-

  • Who is your market?
  • What is your end goal?
  • Will your solution continue to change based on results?
  • Is progress user dependent?


If you’re in the market for an advocate that thinks outside of the box, I welcome you to send me your thoughts on your next project!

origin story

Be part of something great

I’ve been blessed with opportunities to gain knowledge and skills that have aid partners in business planning and process improvements. For businesses that do not have access to these types of skill sets, I’ve noticed a stark disconnect between the horse and the hand that feeds it. I attribute it mostly to having different communication styles.

Unfortunately, this often transpires into great digital opportunities being turned down due to lack of trust from a great partner. Worse yet, wrong products and services implemented to meet a current ‘need’ instead of a future goal, only to be revisited again later.

By lending a helping hand, in an easy to understand manner, I hope to aid in building technological trust and understanding, as well as continue seeing growth among people and businesses in the Central Valley.

Do you have a project you need help with but not sure where to start?

I Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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