The Mission

No fluff.

No IT babble (unless you want to with me). Just simple, clean designs and a willingness to help get others be as proud as you are of your craft.

some fun facts

About Me

I am an Engineer by trade, a Humanitarian at heart, a Designer by mind, and a Student by soul. I have an itch to learn and to always make something better, and a tendency to think technically, analytically and logically. With 5+ years of development experience, I often dive straight to the source and get working right away.

When I’m not attempting to play Wonder Woman, I like to spend my time creating things with my hands since most of the day to day involves intense mental focus. I enjoy DIY projects, painting on canvas, cooking, traveling to foreign places, learning new facts and cultures, and finding great deals. Most importantly, I love spending time with my family.

the beginning

After 15+ years of  corporate life, the lack of a healthy digital relationship was apparent even though we are living in an era with consistently new technological advances. One might have a digital presence: emails, cell phones, social media, a favorite recipe app; and when information is needed, one might Google it or ask Alexa to on our behalf. 

However, when one needs help growing a business, selling a product, relaying information, it falls short and normally resides among friends or a circle smaller than your vision.

I did not understand why people were hesitant to build a relationship on the digital market as they would with anything else. When you establish a healthy relationship, you learn and grow. A healthy digital relationship extends your growth and may open doors for more to enjoy your craft. There are multiple tools on the internet and businesses available to help bring that to life.

Then it hit me.

How could I expect someone to create their own digital presence or reach out for help if they’re not comfortable or have not built that ‘healthy relationship’ with someone that knows how?! It’s equally challenging. Someone who understands you and cares about your craft can market you in a unique light. 

My goal isn’t to tell you what you need, but rather to help you jog longer on your trail. And if you don’t like running, well me either! 

I’m local. I enjoy what I do. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t put in the time to build a relationship with fellow locals after a 8+ hour corporate day 😉

Whether you’re an artist in the Central Valley looking to introduce yourself or a business with a mission to describe, sometimes the help of someone who understands is all you need to steer you on to YOUR right path.